Summer reads? It’s not too late!

ImageEveryone is looking for a great summer read.   Well, it is not too late.   There are lot’s of great books out there that have nothing to do with 50 Shades of anything!    Check out these great books by colleagues and friends of mine in the literary world.    I would be remiss if I did not of course recommend my own book FLYING SOLO.   Available personalized on my website. Or certainly at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

But there are also other contenders.   Check out these great reads on GoodReads!  Some are new and some are oldies but goodies.   The internet is wonderful for encouraging the literary industry.    One must just embrace that not every book reader is a page turner.  Some are electronic gurus.  Which, is what makes online books so popular.  Whether Kindle or Nook, epub or Smashwords.    Ebooks are on the rise.   In a free day for FLYING SOLO, the Kindle version distributed over 300 copies.

Some of my favorites for this summer are:   Joshilyn Jackson’s  A Grown up kind of pretty.   Sarah Strohmeyer’s Smart Girls Get What They Want.    Not to mention Darlene Quinn’s Web’s of Fate!

Check out these four great books to travel with!  You won’t be sorry!   They are fun summer reads!

The Grapevine for FLYING SOLO

What an experience Indie publishing has been.   Grassroots marketing, beating the pavements, talking, selling, marketing. . . it can all be exhausting.  But it seems to win the day.    That and of course a good story, which clearly FLYING SOLO is indeed!   All of the reviews from customers have not only been good, but stellar.  It still has not changed the minds of those staid individuals who believe that Indie publshing does not work.  To those people, I would say…GAHHHH!!!  have you met Amanda Hocking?

A good book is a good book.   Word of mouth is everything in this industry.   Great stories are great stories and if written well will indeed sell.    To those who have snubbed, I will just politely invite them to the next book signing event.   Word of mouth is everything!   Talk about it.  Blog about it.  Shout it from the rooftops.  If it is a good story.  . . . and you did your homework with editing and writing.  It will sell!!!

For now, I am happy to help other writers who are outstanding and need a voice!  Please contact the Indie publisher willing to listen and read your works!    That is AgeView Press.   Without that opportunity. . . I would still be papering my walls with rejection letters instead of celebrating at book signings like this!   Stop thinking about it and just do it!   NIKE had it right!