Ghost writers in the sky – do they exist?

Have you ever wondered why someone might need a ghost writer? It makes sense for the celebs that can’t put two words together. But why would someone else need one? Enjoy this guest post written by one to find out. Who knows, it could enhance your skills.  Enjoy!!


by Karen Cole

It can be hard to write repeatedly about being a ghost writer, as I have already written something like a hundred pieces on this topic alone. But I find my job as a professional ghost writer to be fresh and new every time. Being a ghost writer is a lot like being a car mechanic – you’re on hire to work on someone else’s “baby,” and you do the best you can to get it in good running and working order. You fix whatever you find to be wrong with it, and you send it back to the owner in great shape.

I have been ghost writing and editing on the Internet since 2003, and was freelance writing before then, since 1980 at least. I have published a magazine of my own called “The Crusader” and have been published in several newspapers and magazines, including online ones. It is my business to be published occasionally under my own name, but normally my best work is published under someone else’s name. I specialize in editing nowadays, being semi-retired as a ghost writer.

Part of the business of being a ghost writer is receiving payments properly. As a ghost writer, what with the book field being nearly glutted with books nowadays, receiving payment during the course of completing a book writing project is paramount. Of course, with proper book marketing a book can pull ahead of its competition and sell well nowadays, if its author goes to the trouble to properly market and promote it. So it’s still worthwhile to be a book author and to hire a ghost writer or editor and proper, affordable book marketing services.

I run a team of some 100 book, screenplay and music ghost writers, editors, marketers and promoters, as well as accompanying illustrators, photographers etc. These people get most of the incoming job leads, and I take a job occasionally that suits my fancy, in a manner to how Sherlock Holmes took jobs in those famous stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes never worked a job unless it “fascinated” him, and I only take what is lucrative, fresh and interesting to me personally.

But I can locate a great, affordable ghost writer or editor for nearly anyone who writes into our ghost writing services agency, and I can help take a book from the inception of its ideas to its completion as a published work, editing, formatting and doing all that it takes to come up with the finished salable product. Whether you hire my affordable professional services as a ghost writer or as the overseer of an entire ghost writing job, you are indeed hiring the best, every time.


Ghost writer revealed!

Ghost writer revealed!

Hi, I’m Karen Cole, Executive Director and appointed Head of Ghost Writer, Inc. GWI is an affordable ghost writing services agency that seeks to find and hire a ghost writer, editor, marketer and/or promoter for your book, screenplay or music needs. We will find you an expert, published, recorded or optioned freelance writer for all your possible service needs, and we always charge only affordable rates.

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Making the Most of Social Media

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Today I had the pleasure of attending yet another fab meeting of DFW Indi Publishers.   Networking and wonderful takeaways yet again, thanks to the speakers provided by Charlotte Ann Moore, Organizer.    Today’s guest speaker was Thomas Umstattd Jr. founder and CEO of AuthorMedia.   He gave an info packed talk on the in’s and out’s of social media marketing.  Wow, amazing!   All the things that you didn’t know about Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and how those jewels can make or break you as an author, whether published Indie or though a large publishing house.

Gone are the days when an author can simply write a book, get an agent, and publish through a large house only to sit back and watch their book sell.  No, no an NO!   In today’s electronically charged arena of publishing, the author must build their own social media platform.  With a savvy combo of Facebook, Twitter, and blogging, the author can take their book from 200 copies to 20,000 with the right combination of know how.

This is where AuthorMedia comes in to play.   They take your materials and guide you through the maze of the electronic marketing fray and frenzy.   De-mystifying #hashtags, timelines, google stats, and the all important SOE (search optimization engines).    Thomas and his crew can do everything from building your website, to educating you on how to build and maintain your digital author platform from which to launch your book to a best seller!

Just great stuff.  Please check out his website and social media connections!     Happy tweeting, blogging, and facebooking!    Not to mention writing.