Who Are You Carrying?

Who Are You Carrying?

Can you carry the load to help?

Can you carry the load to help?

Carry The Load Honors Our Military Service Members, Police Officers and Firefighters during “Memorial May”

Carry The Load

Press Release  – Dallas,TX, May 11, 2013— The burden of every day life can seem heavy as we go about our normal routine: readying the kids for school, heading to work, making dinner plans. We often forget those who carry the load for us every day.

From the fields of battle halfway across the world to our own neighborhoods, thousands of our fellow American men and women – our military service members, police officers and firefighters – selflessly devote their lives to keeping us safe so that we can live ours.

Carry The Load was formed to recognize and honor our fallen heroes and those who continue to serve our country, not just over the course of a three day holiday weekend, but throughout the year. Through events like the National Relay, Dallas Memorial March and affiliate events and rallies in Austin (TX), Tampa (FL) and Ruston (VA), Carry The Load wants to turn Memorial Day into “Memorial May.”

Beginning on April 30th, the Carry The Load National Relay will travel from New York to Dallas, with a number of events in cities along the way. It will culminate in the Dallas Memorial March over Memorial Day weekend. This 20-hour and 13-minute march will honor and remember all who have given, and continue to give, their time and their lives to keep us safe.

All are invited to join Carry The Load in this mission, by being a part of the National Relay, meeting the Relay participants in one of the event cities, marching in the Dallas Memorial March, or volunteering their time to help make these events a success. Donations can be made at carrytheload.org, where anyone can also sign up to participate or volunteer.

Carry The Load is grateful and honored to partner with our sponsors: Budweiser, jcpenney, and Gold’s Gym. Their generous support means that more funds can be directed to this year’s beneficiaries.

Thanks to our sponsors, participants, volunteers and donors, this year’s Memorial May beneficiaries will receive even more much-need financial support. In 2013, Carry The Load is proud to support Assist The Officer, Heroes On The Water, Friends of Dallas Fire-Rescue, Tip Of The Spear Foundation and Sons of the Flag Burn Foundation.

About Carry The Load

Carry The Load exists to restore meaning to Memorial Day by honoring the sacrifices made by members of the military, law enforcement officers, firefighters and their families, especially those who have died or were wounded while carrying the load for their fellow Americans.
We provide an opportunity to share their experiences with thousands of other Americans and to raise awareness and resources for established, well-respected foundations that benefit these communities.

 Carry The Load is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Through events like our national relay, regional marches and rallies, we hope to build awareness and raise funds to remember and help those who have given so much to keep our country safe.

 The co-founders of Carry The Load, Clint Bruce and Stephen Holley, are available for interviews about the organization, its founding, its mission and the 2013 events.

Contact: Brian Gile