Belle of Steel #2 Fat to Fantabulous Carla Ferrer

Carla Ferrer before and after her weight loss

Wow, what a difference some positive choices can make!

Belle of Steel #2 is none other than Carla Ferrer.  Carla is an advocate for people who need a little help and direction to  genuinely  improving their life and health.   At one point, she tipped the scales weighing at a shockingly obese 330 pounds.  That was over eighteen years ago.  According to Carla?   “The reason I am successful is that I know what it’s like to feel unworthy, trapped, lonely, and miserable.  Needless to say, I know what it is to be an outcast!  I also know what it’s like to transform oneself from the inside out; positively affecting everything from one’s self worth and confidence, to career, social life, and relationships.”

While she was a young nursing student, she watched her mother die from obesity related complications.  At the time, her  own health and overall wellness was deteriorating  via obesity related hypertension and borderline diabetics.   Her mother’s physician told her, “shape up or you’re next.”  Carla’s obesity and lack of self-worth wasn’t just gluttony induced;  largely the low self-esteem came as a result of being sexually abused at a young age.    It became time for her to wake up and get with it.   And boy howdy, did she ever.

The change process began with a step.  Walking one step after the other was her springboard.  It  became a motivating force to get her eating a healthier diet with the right portions.  It was a lifestyle change that helped her drop well over one hundred thirty five pounds!   Driven and determined, she completed this task in just nine months;  and has kept it off for over 18 years.  She attributes this success to  daily soulful introspection  for powerful and positive living, good nutrition, and an active lifestyle.  She is active, but abhors the gym.  Instead she does calorie burning things she likes.

I first met Carla as a Weight Watcher coach.  The best I had ever heard.   Why?  Because she was personal, no-nonsense, real and motivating.   She answered your emails and tweets.    She has evolved into the CEO/President of Ferrer & Company, Inc., a Wellness Organization.  In addition, she is an Author, Keynote Speaker; Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Nutritionist, Weight Loss Expert, Certified Childhood Obesity Specialist, International Ambassador Against Obesity, Certified Personal Trainer;  Corporate Wellness Program(s) Developer, Philanthropist, and Model.     Just a little busy!

Carla Ferrer's book, Fat to Fan-Tabulous

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Carla considers herself a very blessed woman.  She is married to her soulmate.   Her best friend for over 8 years.   They have two adorable tea-cup Chihuahuas, Ms. Munchkin & Bella Mae.   Her life is rich, she believes by cultivating and nurturing relationships with the best of family and friends.  Her hobbies including reading, writing, knitting, crotcheting, scrapbooking, calligrahphy, cooking/baking, yoga, pilates, dancing, wine tasting, and travel!  Although I am hardpressed to know when she has time!

Since achieving her personal goal many years ago, her passion evolved into helping other people who struggle with low self esteem, lack of self-worth, and who feel trapped in unhealthy relationships.  Carla finds that they often settle for less than deserved; are stuck in miserable jobs for fear of not being able to secure something better; and are horribly overweight.  Her clients merely existing day to day, rather than living life fully by design.  This transformation is necessary  to realize one’s true value and potential.  She advocates that” people who are shown better; will do better, and therefore have better!”    That is why Carla Ferrer Russo is our second motivational Belle of Steel.