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AgeView Press Book Review Contest

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At the moment, there are over 4000 copies of my debut novel, FLYING SOLO in circulation world wide.   Readers are not only from the US, but also from Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Great Britain and the UK.    AgeView Press, the Indie Press that made publication of FLYING SOLO possible is sponsoring a book review contest!   It is so easy to enter!    If you have read a copy of flying solo, just simply write a review and post it on Amazon!       That simple!   There are three categories. . . . Book Bloggers, Bookclubs and Readers.

For book bloggers, AgeView asks that you post the review to your blog and Amazon.     In return, AgeView Press will tweet you, facebook you, and market you socially.    The winning book blogger will also be featured here for a guest blog.     Prize:  $50 Amazon gift card.

For book clubs, AgeView will interview your organizer, promote you with social media, and feature  your bookclub on a post on their website and in this blog.   In addition, the bookclub winner will receive a personal appearance from the author (if within 150 miles of DFW) or via SKYPE for one of your meetings.  Additional prize:  $50 Amazon gift card.

For readers, you will receive not only your $50 Amazon gift card, but an additionl personalized signed copy of the book and other prizes.

Here is all you have to do.     Get a copy of the book to read.   You can order it here:     www.ageviewpress.com    or through Amazon .  If  bookclubs or readers order from AgeView Press, you will get 20% off.    Just type in the code DFW Meetups.     For book bloggers, request a copy of the book via the contact  link at AgeView Press. 

Your review should be at least three paragraphs.   It will judged on originality, style, and content.    Fleshing out the themes and highlighting what you enjoyed about the book and why it is a page turning Must Read are key!    Submit the review in two places.   Send one copy to info@ageviewpress.com     Post the other to Amazon here.   Encourage all your followers to “like” FLYING SOLO on the Amazon book page.   That’s it!

The judges for the contest are an independently selected team of writers and editors from the Lexicon Group.    The contest is open as of TODAY!    Absolute dealine for entries is October 31st.   Winners will be announced November 1st.    Best of luck to all.  Can’t wait to read your reviews.