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Military memoribiliaAn explosive device goes off.   Instantly, your right leg is destroyed and crushed below the knee.    Your left leg has gashes and is burned.  Part of your left arm is blow away.   You are unconscious and laying on the ground.   Massive amounts of blood surround your motionless body.  Your world goes black.

That was the exact experience of Iraq War Veteran, Jacob Schick, in 2004.  A 3rd generation marine of the USMC, he was rescued by a brave medic and air-evac’d out by a Blackhawk helo to a MASH hospital.  He heard a mish-mash of voices “Hang in there buddy.   We’ve got ya.  Don’t die on us.”    Nine years, 46 surgeries including a traumatic amputation of your leg and 22 units of blood products later, would you be bitter?    Angry?    Depressed?    Or self-medicating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?   Many would.   However, Jacob is not.

Recently, I interviewed Jacob serving as the Ambassador for Carry The Load.   He also works full time at the Center for Brain Health with the University of Texas at Dallas, as part of their Warrior Training Team.  I found him to be the antithesis of any victim.   He was upbeat, committed, pumped and positive.    As a trauma nurse myself, I can appreciate the harrowing horror of a prolonged recovery.    Yet, I found none of this in the indomitable spirit of Jacob Schick.

Carry the Load Jacob Schick

Will you CarryTheLoad?

As a veteran of war, Jacob humbly attributes his survival to his military brothers.   “My Sergeant used to say to all of us out there, ‘if you wake up in discomfort or pain, thank your lucky stars – you’re alive.’  It’s the military mindset.  It’s what makes you survive.”

Jacob was recruited to the Carry the Load cause because of his resilient attitude by co-founders Clint Bruce and Stephen Holly, two Navy Seals.   They recognized the positive vigor within Jacob that would be instrumental in their cause to instill enthusiasm and excitement within donors and volunteers.    His goals of survival and giving matched those of Carry the Load.

Carry the Load was established in 2011.  It was developed as a vehicle for people to come together in patriotism and show their pride and appreciation under the same banner to support those in uniform who serve – police, fire-rescue, and our military.   It started with one man carrying a flag on a mission across America.   It has grown into a national movement of thousands marching across our nation in patriotism and service.  Funds are raised to provide support to five separate established non-profit organizations.  Most non-profits spend the majority of their time fund-raising.   Carry the Load takes that burden off those organizations.

Amazing stories arise from individuals participating in Carry the Load.  Awe-inspiring messages of survival, hope, and patriotism.   Participants share appreciation for the strength and courage of those individuals who work every day to make our world a safer place.

Jacob’s message is universal –  we must celebrate heroes that sacrifice every day to bring us freedom and a life of comfort.

Help make Memorial Day, Memorial May!  Join Dallas Cowboy Roger Staubach – the epitome of an American Patriot, survivor and ambassador Jacob Schick, the founders of CarryTheLoad, and thousands of other veterans, police and fire-rescue first responders.   Come out and carry more than you have to.  Go just a little bit further.   Get away from BBQs and car stalls.  Bring your family to Riverchon Park on the Katy Trail.  May 26th and May 27th.

Won’t you please help CarryTheLoad?

2 thoughts on “Make it Memorial May – CarryTheLoad

  1. I’m a Navy Vietnam Vet, Thank you for this tribute to veterans.

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