Boomer Lit Blog Hop – a new genre of books

There is a new boom for us baby boomers and that boom is Boomer LIt.   Books that relate to those of us 50 and beyond.   Great stories about our times.  There are blogs about it.  Goodreads sites.  Facebook pages.   Us Babyboomers are a force to be reckoned with. As such, I am delighted to participate in a blog hop to give you such a taste!  Here is an excerpt from my upcoming release Solo Vietnam.   A sequel to Flying Solo which involves a baby being born into this time frame.  Solo Vietnam continues that story into the most controversial war ever.  A French Cajun aviatrix.  An A-4 Skyhawk pilot.  Vietnam. Enjoy Solo Vietnam!

Solo Vietnam Cover

Available April 2013 from AgeView Press

As she walked the few blocks from the olive colored streetcar, which dropped her off at Carrollton and Birch, she thought about everything she had been through. The illicit affair with the love of her life, her pilot instructor, Steve Novak. Their crazy temporary living arrangement, where she served as caregiver to his sickly wife, Marci.    Their star crossed love affair, which had produced her baby daughter, now living in Texas somewhere.  The ill-fated goodbye on the steps of the train station in downtown Dallas. It was a time from which Nora thought she could never recover.  And yet, here she was; a sultry, moderately popular, New Orleans night singer, a pilot, and a woman with her own place, freedom, and independence.

Her children, now ranging in age from eleven to seventeen were all teenagers.  Well, all but one, Iggy.  Her lone son, the youngest, was a precocious, pre-pubescent teen.  For the briefest moment, she reminded herself that he was not the youngest.  That would be the baby she gave away, now age five.  Ugh, too painful.  No.  She would not think about that at all.  Mardi Gras was over.  Time for lent.

Ready to take on the commotion of getting the children off to school, Nora creaked open the black-faced wrought iron gate to her home.  As she climbed the five stairs up to the raised, single floor duplex, she could tell something was amiss.  The normal chaos of the early morning was frenetic.

Cathy, already dressed in her long, navy blue, wool uniform shirt and white blouse slammed open the front filigree screen door.   “Thank goodness you are finally home.  Kayce’s gone!” she exclaimed.

“Kayce’s gone?  Whatever do you mean?”  Nora queried.

“She’s gone.  Kaput.”  Cathy histrionically bellowed.

As Nora entered the parlor, Leisel bounded in.  “Yep. Cathy’s right, Mama.  Kayce is missing.  She musta left before we even got up,” she hurriedly explained.

Nora dropped the two grocery bags she was carrying and clambered back to the girls’ shared bedroom.  Then, she checked the bathroom off the middle bedroom and the kitchen.  Kayce was nowhere to be found.    Opening the back screen porch door, she scanned the red brick patio surrounded by azalea bushes and large backyard with its towering oak trees.  Nothing.  No trace of her.

Iggy, who had followed Nora into the kitchen, noted a hand-written card propped next to Nora’s coffee pot on the stove.  Nora could tell it was Kayce’s handwriting.  It simply read,

Mother.  I’ve tired of the calamity of your life and your choices.  I have

gone to seek my own life and happiness. I am against the war, the

establishment and especially you.  I have left the pain of New

Orleans forever.  You can find me and my people in Haight-Ashbury.

“Oh my God.  Christ almighty.  Kayce has run off to be a flower-child,” Nora rolled her eyes.   “Good Lord.”

This Boomer Lit book is coming out this month, April 2013 from AgeView Press!  The best selling, 5 star rated Flying Solo is already out in print, ebook and Kindle.  Hop on over to some of the other great boomer lit books!

books available from jeanette vaughan flying solo and solo vietnam

Books Available from Jeanette Vaughan

16 thoughts on “Boomer Lit Blog Hop – a new genre of books

  1. That’s a loooong excerpt. Good luck with your book.

  2. Certainly brings back memories of the sixties! Looks like a fascinating read!

    • Yes…weren’t they interesting times. The idyllic and the turbulent. Audrey Hepburn and the beatniks. Peace and war. Kip’s Big Boy and weed. Lots of conflicting changes to society as the decade progressed.

  3. Interesting characters, especially Nora, living in interesting times. I’m wondering how Nora will handle her daughter’s disappearance.

    • Hahahaha…good question! You will have to read to find out. If you want to read the pre-quel it is Flying Solo. You will get to know Nora and her character well. As well as Steve and her children. Flying Solo is quite the page turner. On Kindle and ebook for $2.99. That will wet your whistle!

  4. mmurfy68 says:

    Definitely a baby boomer novel. Nicely developed characters. Can’t wait to read more.

  5. Good introduction into your work and the characters.

  6. This sounds interesting. Liked the excerpt.

  7. claudenougat says:

    Congrats, sounds like your book is really flying!

    • Thanks so much! Both FLYING SOLO and SOLO VIETNAM touch many whose lives were involved. FLYING SOLO speaking to women independent before their time, trying to make their way. SOLO VIETNAM bring up the controversy of a war not understood and veterans not appreciated.

  8. laurieboris says:

    Jeanette, looks really interesting.

  9. saraphen says:

    Now that I’ve met the cast of characters, I’mready for more.

  10. Klaw says:

    I think the lessons of Vietnam will be with us for a long time to come. Back then, in the heat of it, I wished we had wiser, more sophisticated leaders. I still hope for much the same.

  11. Thanks for posting this. I look forward to reading it. I’m always on the look out for a good boomer lit. My most recent discovery which was a little out of the ordinary but an amazing read was Max Zimmer’s Journey (If Where You;re Going Isn’t Home)
    The story follows a teenage boy in Mormon America during the early 60’s and his coming of age journey to finding his place in the world despite the many conflicts of his faith and chosen lifestyle. It’s the first book I recommend to anyone these days.

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