What’s your movitation to write?

ImageOne of the things that some writers struggle with is writer’s block.   I guess, maybe I am one of the lucky ones; because for me, that just doesn’t seem to be an issue.   I believe that some instances of writer’s block is caused by pressure.    When you feel under pressure or under a dealine to produce something, anxiety is manifested.   Anxiety can make the brain hyperactive.  Synaptic connections, which are the electrical pathways and roadmaps for thoughts being processed in your brian, are definitely affected.  In fact, sometimes anxiety is so powerful, it blocks some connections completely.

Writing works best when it flows.   For me, blogging allows that creative expression to flow.   If I can’t talk to someone, at least I can write to someone.    That daily exercise keeps the words coming.   However, the expectation to produce, either a blog, or a newsletter, or other forms of social media can take over.   You can spend so much time on social media, that you ignore the whole reason you started writing; the creative expression of your literary works.

Balance and motivation are the key.  Balance the social media with short term goals for your writing.  If a project is overwhelming, chunk it up by splitting it into smaller parts.   Write the chapter you were dying to write first, then build the structure around it.   If you are going to write out of order, use a story board with sticky notes for the chapters to keep them straight.

Know what motivates you to write.  For me, it is purpose.   Each one of my stories has a purpose.  When I sit down to create them, I keep the purpose forefront.    My writing is a mission, a mission to change my life career.    I have short terms goals to get medical equipment for my son, as well as long term goals to be able to write full time and nurse part time.    My son has Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy.  His life is like sands in the hour glass.   Each day, we lose a little bit more.   So for me, living life to the fullest now is what motivates me to write.

Find your passion.   Balance demands on your time.  Free your mind and spirit and you wll be amazed at what begins to happen.   That was the process for my latest book, FLYING SOLO.   When I just let go, it happens.

One thought on “What’s your movitation to write?

  1. Note to self, preview and spellcheck your own blog! LOL. Now done! Eek!

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