Hello world!

Welcome to jeanettevaughan.com! This is the site’s very first post.  Part of AgeView Press’s author pages.   I am excited to begin this new journey, finally into what I love doing besides nursing.   Writing!   It has always been something I have been called to do.  Now it is time to sit aside the required professional endeavors for my personal stories.   It is time to start writing what I love:   great stories that need to be told.   Welcome and enjoy the read.

Happy blogging!

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. katepapas says:

    Well Jeanette, I’ve watched the video (very professional-great music!) and visited the site of your book. From the little I’ve read about your story, I think it could become a great film! So, I wish you all the best and who knows? Maybe someday we will see your story on the screen!
    Kate Papas

  2. katepapas says:

    I wish you to see your story on the screen. From the little I’ve read I think it could be a great film!

    • Hi, Kate:

      I am about to post some reviews of the book. It is getting sensational responses. I am so humbled. I think it would make a great film too! That is how I saw it as I wrote it. Thanks for your comments! I hope you get to read the whole thing.

      • katepapas says:

        As soon as I have time I will do it. You see I’m both foreigner and a beginner in the Amazon field . That means I have to investigate all of my time in the promotion fo my book…

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