Flying Solo Book Release Radio Interview

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Please enjoy the radio interview done today on BlogTalk Radio “In the Author’s Corner” with Etienne Gibbs.    And get your copy of Flying Solo today from in print or Kindle.

Flying Solo Getting Sensational Reviews

As a writer, one of the most excruciating periods is when your book goes live.   After all the months of slaving over this character and that, what dialogue, where are they . . . finally it is all edited and packaged.  Next comes the step of introducing the world to your work.   Gahhh….anxiety producing to say the least.  This week, I think I consumed at least 10 pounds of carbs and empty wine calories awaiting the response to Flying Solo.

I was humbled when a dear friend sent a picture of the first copy of FLYING SOLO on her kitchen table.  It was real!  But, luckily. . . .sigh . . . here are some of the first reviews:

Mary Morton Jones:  “It was slow at work, so I started reading.  Right from the start it was HOT, HOT, HOT.  I got irritated when customers came and in interupted my reading.” 

Tricia O’Connell Hamilton:  “I started reading and I couldn’t put it down. I almost missed my daily walk.  Couldn’t wait to get back to it.  I am very impressed.”

New Orleans resident:  “This morning on our 5 1/2 hour ride home I started reading your novel.  I could  not put it down and finished it tonight.  You are a very talented writer!  I emailed my friends and told them to read your book – they would love it especially based in New Orleans  . . .- ha Congratulations! You did a wonderful job! I can’t wait for your next book!”

 John Randolph Clark:   “As a person who has always been around aviation, I have to say that this book makes one feel that you are right there in the cockpit! This is a journey of the driving human spirit that lies within all of us, including the dream to actually take wings and fly. Mix in the unconquerable perseverance of a woman, who seeks to find her real niche in the scheme of life, and you have a story that is very compelling, fascinating to the last page, and a credit to the writing of true adventure! If you want a gripping story, than look no further than this page turner that keeps you on the edge of your chair.”

Wow. . . I am just in awe.   So happy that both men and women are liking the story.   I can now breathe.   Uh oh . . . does that mean it is now time for Weight Watchers?  Eeeek!

First purchased copy arrives

Flying Solo now available!!!

Can’t believe the day has finally arrived, but Flying Solo is now available for purchase!   Although you can get it on  or Barnes and Noble shortly. . .it is really more ideal to purchase it directly from CreateSpace as the publisher AgeView Press recommends.

This book was written as a vehicle to raise funds for my son, Harrison who has muscular dystrophy.  Medical equipment is very costly, even with insurance.   We are trying to obtain a wheelchair van that has airconditioning.   Also a lift to get him into the pool.  As well as a rolling shower chair.    So humble are the reasons for working this project.

So, even though you are getting a great read, you are also paying it foward!  Please enjoy the book and feel free to post your comments here!

Flying Solo is Almost Here!

Flying Solo

My new novel entitled,  Flying Solo: an unconventional aviatrix navigates turbulence in life   is almost here.   After much anticipation, the final, FINAL, proofs were completed.   Ahhhh….now time to sit back and relax right?  Wrong, writing the book was easy. . . now it is time for shameless self promotion.  Blogging, advertisting, facebooking, twittering, interviewing, booksigning.   Wow, exhausting just to think about it all.  But so worth it to put the book in the hands of your readers.

Here are some links to follow for my own self promotion:

Facebook:    www.facebook/AgeViewPress

Twitter:   (please follow me, as I have no followers yet 🙂


Tired yet?    All in a good day’s publishing work!

Buy it now!

Flying Solo

Just viewed the first galleys for Flying Solo.  I was nervous taking it out of the box.  First impressions. . . wow!   But then after careful inspection. . .ugh.   More revision needed.  Some pages just not perfection.    Oh well, first view!  But coming soon.  Stay tuned.   In the meantime. . . enjoy the trailer.

Sometimes people  don’t like to comment on as you have to subscribe to a channel.     So. . what did you think of the trailer.    I will admit. . .I love it!    So proud that it was the first one I ever produced myself.    Please complete the poll and let me know what you thought.    All feedback is welcome here.

Hello world!

Welcome to! This is the site’s very first post.  Part of AgeView Press’s author pages.   I am excited to begin this new journey, finally into what I love doing besides nursing.   Writing!   It has always been something I have been called to do.  Now it is time to sit aside the required professional endeavors for my personal stories.   It is time to start writing what I love:   great stories that need to be told.   Welcome and enjoy the read.

Happy blogging!